Last June, I had the unique privilege of attending a family wedding in a Greek Orthodox church.  It was an amazing experience.  Not just because it was a happy day for the family, but I was particularly struck by the liturgy and the architecture.  The Greek Orthodox Church is a pre-Reformation communion of churches.  They left from the Roman Catholic Church some four hundred years before the Reformation.  And they never had a Reformation of their own!  So when you attend an Eastern Orthodox church, you get an experience quite unlike our own and in many ways very similar to the early church.

Their architecture and decoration evoke a sense of awe in God’s presence.  You feel kind of small.  That sense of awe, wonder, and smallness is not something that always gets emphasized in Protestant architecture.  And I think that’s a disadvantage of our own tradition.  Being reminded of our smallness, our weakness, and our incapacity is a necessary part of worshiping together.

This is an excerpt from this Sunday’s sermon. We hope you can join us!