Consider this idea, let us ask a question: Why?  Why is God reuniting all races?  Why does He care to do such a thing?  Why does God want to reunite all races?  Here’s why..

Separation between the races of humankind happened because of sin.

Through the Gospel, God is undoing sin and all of its consequences!

What do we learn about the Gospel from Peter’s sermon?  We learn that Jesus is Lord of all people without discrimination.  That Jesus is the judge of all humankind.  The curse of sin infects all races equally.

Because Jesus is Lord of all—because He died for people of all nations and races—because He has brought eternal life and resurrection for all people groups—because of all this, verse 36 says that the good news—the Gospel brings peace through Jesus Christ, who is Lord of all.

Through the Gospel, God is reuniting all races 1for community and 2for worship.

This is an excerpt from last Sunday’s sermon, “The Gospel and Racial Reunion,” which can b heard here.

Photo credit by Scott Ableman