Love for the Gospel will change everything in your life. Remember how I said God is not primarily concerned about your behavior, your actions, your morals?  Right.  It’s not His primary concern.  Because our behavior is a byproduct of our heart.  What we truly believe, what we truly love, what we truly satisfy ourselves with—that is the thing that determines our actions.

So if you have been broken over your sin to the point that you learn to love the Gospel—if the Gospel becomes your oasis in the midst of suffering—if you rest and rely upon Jesus in everything—then that love for the Gospel will change your life from top to bottom.

Brokenness over sin cultivates love for the Gospel.  And love for the Gospel changes everything.  And it changes everything in two big ways.

This is an excerpt from last Sunday’s service, “Discipline, Brokenness, and Love for the Gospel,” which can be heard here.

Photo credit by Louis K.