Jesus’ ministry had two sides to it: He preached and He changed lives.

Jesus was looking to radically save people from sin, Satan, and self.  He wanted people to believe in Him and in His Gospel.  But it was more than a purely internal thing—no, He wanted to transform people’s lives.

As He preached the Gospel, He did whatever He could to restore people’s lives.  Jesus brought all manner of healing into people’s lives—physical, emotional, relational, spiritual.  Jesus brought healing as He preached the Gospel.  That’s the fruit that Jesus sought in His ministry: people being saved and lives being changed.

And when you talk about our church—what kind of ministry do we want to do?  What kind of fruit do we want to reap?  We want to reap the same fruit that Jesus did: people being saved and lives being changed.

Two years ago, I wrote that on a post-it note and stuck it to my desk.  Two questions are written on it: “Are people being saved?” and “Are lives being changed?”  As a community, we want to be able to look at both questions and answer with a resounding and joyful “yes.”

This is an excerpt from last Sunday’s sermon, “A Church That Prays Together.”  For more, listen here.

[Photo Credit: Ani-Bee]