“Well, this feels strangely familiar,” thought Moses.  Here he was again, trudging up the side of a mountain by himself, leaving the people behind him.  He couldn’t help but think of his previous journeys like this one.  He remembered leaving Joshua behind and ascending Sinai to receive the Law.  What had happened in his absence that time?  All Israel, under the care of his own brother, had turned to idolatry.  It had only been forty days without Moses and they had turned away!  Moses pondered that memory.  And it concerned him.

As his sandals kicked up the dusty terrain, Moses could smell the dirt.  And it reminded him of laying on his face in the dust before Yahweh begging for mercy after Israel’s idolatry.  “Do not abandon your people,” Moses had begged.  And Yahweh responded, “Fear not, my child.  I will keep my promise.”  The same words that Moses had delivered to Joshua only moments before.

This is an excerpt from last Sunday’s service, “God Will Keep His Promise,” which can be heard here.

Photo credit by Christian Ditaputratama.