When we talk about God’s discipline, what do we mean?  What is He doing?  And why is He doing it?  What does He hope to achieve by disciplining His children?  Let’s start with what God’s discipline is not.

Discipline is God’s method of changing our affections.

Discipline is not God’s method of getting us to stop sinning and to start obeying.

Discipline not about behavior modification.  While God is certainly grieved by our sin and honored by our obedience, our morality is not God’s primary concern for us.  Well if that’s the case, then why is God concerned at all?  Why is He so grieved by our sin and so honored by our obedience?

God is grieved by sin and honored by obedience, because sin and obedience don’t grow out of a vacuum.  No, we sin because we don’t trust God.  We sin, because we don’t feel His love as we ought.  We sin, because we have believed a deception.

This is an excerpt from this Sunday’s service, “Discipline, Brokenness, and Love for the Gospel,” which can be heard here.

Photo credit by Sebastien Wiertzhere.