PastorMegan and I moved to Covington in 2011, expecting God to amaze us with His power and love. We have not been disappointed. Faith Presbyterian Church is a genuinely loving community, seeking to spread God’s Kingdom throughout the world.

God opened the door for us to serve the congregation here in the midst of a season of growth in our city at large. New people, homes, and businesses are showing up every day, which makes this a very exciting time to live in the Covington area! Even our own family is growing with both our son and our daughter being born here! Our community is growing and we want to see the Kingdom of God growing as well.

We aim to be a relationally-oriented church that goes out, sharing the love of Jesus in the way that we live our lives, in the way that we cultivate relationships, and in the way that we nurture faith in one another’s lives. We’d love to have you join us on this mission!

Pastor Jason