Instead, people will seek enlightenment and control through means that seem less harmful, less dark—in fact, they seem downright silly.  Not a big deal, so we think.

It continues to surprise me that Christians tolerate and turn a blind eye to things that are less stigmatized, but are just as dangerous.  On a daily basis professing Christians read horoscopes and books about astrology.  They attribute good things and bad things to karma.  They even go to palm readers, buy voodoo dolls, new age charms and stones.  They memorize and quote “cute” magical incantations and mantras.  Surely these are just silly little superstitions!  Things children read and joke around with.

Well, if they’re silly, why do adults bother with them?  If they’re just superstition, how do they stay in business?  People interact with these people and practices, because they find some level of comfort and interest in them.  And that’s a problem, not only because they are associated with the occult and with the demonic.  It’s a problem, because they distract us from the truth.

How many of us read our horoscope every day, but never read a verse of the Bible?  How many of us have paid for a palm reading, but have never confessed our sins to our fellow Christian?  How many of these pagan means of enlightenment and control do we participate in, while never taking advantage of the means of grace that God has provided?

All these dark arts, the ones that seem serious and the ones that seem silly, are hated by God and are to be opposed by the people of God.  Ironically, many Christian folks will avoid all of those things and still have a problem.  While some people seek enlightenment and control through the dark arts.

This is an excerpt from last Sunday’s service, “Two Things You Can’t Fully Know or Control,” which can be heard here.

Photo credit by Thomas Hawk.