Our theme last week was this: allowing ourselves to want cultivates Christian prayer.  We have to allow ourselves to want connection with God, to want a good Father, and to want things.  I hope you all experienced that want in a new way last week.

Well this week, we’re going to move on to Jesus’ teaching about “how to pray.”  Like the disciples in Luke 11, we’re drawing near to Jesus and saying, “Lord, teach us to pray!”  It’s my hope that by the end of this six-week stretch, that every one of us will pray differently.  That each of us will pray more like Jesus.  So let’s begin today by thinking about your current prayer habits.  Any time the question is asked, “What’s your prayer life like?  Or what’s your habit of prayer?”  Whenever that question gets asked, we tend of think of two things: frequency and structure.

This is an excerpt in this Sunday’s service, “Faith Prays, Feeling Follows,” which will be heard here.

Photo credit by Aleen Gaspar.