Connecting with God through prayer makes us feel good.

Have you ever spent time praying by yourself or with other people and walked away thinking, “Wow.  That prayer was really enjoyable.  I felt really connected to God.  Why don’t I do that more often?”  That’s the oxytocin talking.  That’s the satisfaction that comes from feeling connected to God through prayer. Connecting with God through prayer makes us feel good.  Jesus didn’t need to be a endocrinologist to understand that though.  He knew it from experience.

Prayer is not about putting on a show—it’s not about who’s most religious.  Prayer, quite frankly, is not about other people.  Prayer is about you and God.  And prayer is for you.  Prayer is a means for you to enjoy your connection with God—to find satisfaction in that relationship.

You see, God wants you and Him to get away alone—to enjoy your relationship—to enjoy your connection with each another.  Prayer should be a satisfying way that you and your God connect.

This is an excerpt from last Sunday’s service, “We Pray Because We Want,” which can be heard here.

Photo credit by dvibshub.