Here is a sentence that I want you to consider: through the Gospel, God is reuniting all races.

First, I want you to consider the subject of that sentence: God.  God Himself has set a goal in His mind.  And that goal is to reunite the various races of humankind.

This isn’t a human desire.  It’s not a governmental desire.  It’s God’s desire.  Consider that.

But second, consider this idea that God desires to reunite the races of the world.  Reunion means coming together again. That word “reunion” implies that the current state of separation, exclusion, isolation, un-union between people groups was not original to humankind.  This division was not how God has created us.

So what is His desire?  To have a family reunion—to get us back together—to reunite the races of humankind.  Consider that.

But third, consider the means—or the method—of that reunion: that through the Gospel, God is reuniting all races.

The Gospel that has saved you and restored you to God—that same Gospel is God’s method for reuniting the various tongues, tribes, and people groups of the world.

Jesus didn’t die only to save us.  He died to reunite the body of Christ across racial and cultural barriers—to make one kingdom and one man out of many.  Through the Gospel, God is reuniting all races.  Consider that.

This is an excerpt from last Sunday’s sermon, “The Gospel and Racial Reunion,” which can be heard here.

Photo Credit: Scott Ableman