When worship focuses on God’s character—revealed in the Bible and revealed in Jesus—it inevitably leads us to focus on His sacrificial Gospel.  You can’t meditate on and magnify Jesus without noting His vicarious death on the cross for His people.

Our worship together should find its culmination in a sacrificial Gospel that is spoken, shown, and received.  That means the Gospel must be preached and received in faith.

We are called to make sacrifices for the betterment of others.  We are called to join Jesus in His suffering to give life to others.  How do we do that?  When we make the sacrifice of giving tithes and offerings, we give of ourselves for the betterment of others.  We glorify Jesus’ sacrifice by joining Him in sacrificial, joyful self-giving.

This is an excerpt from last Sunday’s service, “Your Worship Should Shape Your Week,” which can be heard here.

Photo credit by highlights6.